Workshop Days

For Older Students

The IGCSE and A Level courses will have some workshop days or half-days throughout the year, it is highly recommended that the students following these courses participate to benefit from a different learning experience. The ethos of the workshops is to be as student led as possible, with the drive being on production, sharing infomation and the discovery of new ideas.The workshop days are for inspiring and developing creativity, so as you can expect, they are interactive and very hands-on!

Pre-GCSE students are also welcome to join the IGCSE groups.

For Under 13s

Young people under 13 can benefit from a range of English, craft and science workshops held throughout the year to encourage their continued English language learning in an inspiring and enjoyable environment through manual (and sometimes messy) activities!

Check back for new dates and further information on our workshop calendar.

Call us on (0033) 0546 32 38 99 for more information